Our mission

nature at first

Equicampo is...
… a family business. We love, live, and breathe horses having the privilege to show you our passion for your vacation/staying

Equicampo has...
… the “small is beautifull” philosophy where human activity is integrated in a harmonious manner with nature, preserving ancient values and traditions

Equicampo works...
…not only to improve but above all to preserve and respect nature, flora, fauna, traditions along everything that makes Parque Nacional Peneda Gerês so unique

Equicampo will...
… be there for you from the planning stage until your return

Fernando Martins

(your instructor and guide)

  • Professional accreditation “Treinador Desporto Grau II” in Coudelaria Nacional de Alter do Chão
  • Professional Brevet from the International Federation of Equestrian Tourism in France
  • TREC World Championship 2004 in Saarbrücken/Germany with (making part of the) the Portuguese National Team
  • Fernando Martins embodies not only the owner and technical leadership of Equicampo over the last 28 years…He’s its very soul standing for Equicampos’ culture.

    Horseback riding

    The river’s water is cold but the view/scenery warms the heart.
    Horseback riding on this natural environment made it a natural choice to become our main activity ensuring one will never tire of the stunning beauty of the National Park Peneda Gerês landscapes as well as its invaluable resources, wildlife and biodiversity.

    Equestrian Tourism / TREC

    Equicampo is comitted since 2004 to the so called Techniques de Randonnée Équestre de Compétition in the strong believe that is one of the best ways to prepare our horses to the practice of Equestrian Tourism.

    Riding Lessons

    start or improve riding skills in relaxed and friendly surroundings to the more experienced riders, an active and memorable riding experience through unspoilt landscapes and rugged mountains

    The Garrano (or Minho horse)

    a breed of small equine species which mostly live in the wild, For a long time these horses permeated the farms of Vilarinho das Furnas untill the dam's construction flooded this village. After 1979 they began to cross freely over the Portuguese-Spanish border.In the wild the main predator is the Iberian Wolf

    Horseback riding


    whith short duration

    Time Price
    15 minutes 10€
    30 minutes 20€
    1 hour 30€
    1:30 hour 45€
    2 hour 60€

    Horse Riding

    whith long duration

    Time Price Description
    1 day 125€ We leave EQUICAMPO heading Curral de Leonte. The sight of Vilarinho das Furnas’ dam will escort us as we ride over the old roman road “Geira” that was once used by the legionaries to go from Braga to Astorga with milestones that are almost 2000 years old and across the stunning Mata da Albergaria with its exuberant vegetation.The rugged mountainous terrain is cut across by rapidly flowing rivers and streams.
    2 days 370€ Today we abandon the National Park to visit another Minho region. With Serra do Gerês on our back we reach Rebordochão on the top of Sta Isabel. Nature, relief, altitude variations and the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Continental influences have enabled the presence of bushes, oaks and pines, birch forests, pastures and crop land. Rough adverse conditions define the locals way of living.
    As the sun goes down we’ll take you on a light guided hike.
    Casa dos Bernardos, previously property of Cistercian monks and the richest of the neighborhood, will host us for the night.
    3 days 555€ Santa Isabel do Monte and surroundings are the places to visit today. This is where one should keep one’s eyes peeled, because you are likely to come across the Garranos running freely across the hills. You will also probably see some evidences of its predator, the Iberian wolf.
    4 days 740€ The last day will be spent riding through little villages and several ridges. There will be a break for a picnic near a water mill. Time to go back (go home)….


    of facilities and activities


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